Aquarium Maintenance

    You Won't Believe It!

    I was looking very hard, several days ago, at the bowl where I had my berghia eggs. I saw two, small Berghia sailing around the bowl!!!! I moved them to a seperate, small dish with fresh aiptasia from my display tank and fresh, aged tank water. I have ...


    175 Gallon Freshwater Rebuild

    This is a before and after story for a 175 gallon freshwater aquarium. This aquarium is a wall divider between a living room and a kitchen, uniquely positioned over the basement stair case.

    The original aquarium was an old, leaky acrylic aquarium and is being replaced with a custom built glass aquarium.

    Here you can see the space for the new aquarium after the original aquarium had been removed.

    Old aquarium opening from the living room side looking inot the kitchen.

    In this picture the new aquarium has been inserted into the opening from the kitchen side. The custom made aquarium fits perfectly into the opening. Due to the weight of the glass aquarium and water, the floor under this space has been reinforced.

    The new aquarium inserted into the opening from the kitchen side.

    The wall has been repaired and a new decorative frame around the opening completed. Water is now in the aquarium as well as Asian-themed decorations. The fish arrive this week and the aquarium will house colorful cichlid fish.

    The new aquarium is full of water and decorations are complete.

     The walls will be painted and the project is complete.

    Three days later the fish are in the aquarium and both sides of the aquarium are framed. All that is left to do is paint the framing and the aquarium will be complete.

    The kitchen side of the tank is now framed.

    The Asian-themed tank decore really enhances the tank's appearance.

    Aquarium Maintenance

      Aptasia All Gone

      Back in July, I added the Berghia, and never saw them again. I assumed that they'd all died or been devoured by my aiptasia. Nope. Less than a week ago, I spotted a half dozen at the front of the tank -- most quite large, 2 mating. I also notice...

      David S. from Maryland