Just an update...

Just an update... my berghia are doing well. I have only seen the same 8 that have taken up territory on the very front of my large show piece rock. The rest of them have been hidding and eating in places that I have not found yet. The 8 that I have...


Freshwater Aquariums Maintained and Installed


The new aquarium is full of water and decorations are complete. The kitchen side of the tank is now framed.

175 gallon freswater aquarium installed over the steps between the living room and the kitchen.  This view is from the Living room

Same 175 gallon cube Aquarium only on the other side from the Kitchen

500 gallon aquarium Natural Stream freshwater aquarium

500 gallon natural stream aquarium with overflows like a saltwater aquarium going to a sump to hold the live food.

Same 500 gallon aquarium with a little bit different view. The tank divides 2 rooms and has an interesting view on both sides.

bass in 500 gallon native fish aquarium Freshwater aquarium in a hospital waiting area

500 gallon aquarium made up to be like a natural stream and has a Bass in the picture.

125 gallon freshwater aquarium with orange Cichlid Parrot fish up front

other side of the hospital freshwater aquarium another view with more fish of the hospital aquarium

Same 125 gallon aquarium only on the other side. The design was to make the aquarium look as natural as possible. Plants, log, and rock all real!

Yet another view of the 125 gallon aquarium but from a different angle and more livestock moving around. This aquarium is in a hospital waiting area and is enjoyed by many!

40 Gallon Freshwater aquarium Aquarium and stand installed over an indoor pond
Lightly planted 80 gallon tank with Swordtails and Mollies in a rehabilitation center Indoor pond with a 75 gallon reef ready aquarium over it.

final install of indoor aquarium and pond

aquarium in a restaurant

20 gallon tank set-up and maintained in a  care facility                               



240 gallon tank with drift wood and fake plants                                                    
20 gallon planted aquarium 240 gallon tank maintained and install in a retirement facility
Very large native fish custom acrylic aquarium Planted 8 gallon tank maintained with Glo fish
500 gallon custom aquarium before the native fish are added This is an 8 gallon planted office aquarium 
Angelfish in a 220 gallon rework  
220 gallon angel fish tank   




I bought 20 Berghia two months ago. Every one arrived alive and active. I had Hundreds of Aiptasia in my tank and my sump. I added most of them in the tank and a few in the sump. Here we are 2 months later and i can find a single Aiptasia....Thanks guy...

Harry Monceaux from Louisiana