Deep Water Zoas Incredible!

The deep water zoas really incredible, all of them...my favorite corals at the moment. I look forward to seeing what else you get in. Any time you get really crazy ones in, shoot me an email if you can remember....in the meantime I'll check your s...




Nearly every reef-keeper can tell stories of the hours spent looking at their new tank, watching to see what new life will emerge from the liverock. It’s almost a magical time, especially for the new reef-keeper, as the wonders of the sea slowly unfold within the small glass world we’ve created for it.

Most stories that involve Aiptasia begin in the same way. Suddenly, a new little anemone is spotted on a newly adde...


Today’s saltwater aquarium enthusiasts strive to maintain a natural balance within their saltwater aquariums. We spend countless hours measuring and balancing water parameters and selecting suitable inhabits that will coexist with each other, all to achieve the beautifully balanced environment that is a natural reef.

Then something happens that threatens that balance.

Enter the Aiptasia Anemone. While part of the ocean’s n...

Berghia Questions and Answers

Read How to Acclimate Your New Berghia

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Many times people try peppermint shrimp for aiptasia eradication. Many times it does not work. We recommend removing peppermint shrimp prior to introducing Berghia to the tank. Here's a cheap method for catching peppermint shrimp that I made in a few minutes. (It also caught two emerald crabs and a yellow clown goby.)

Use a 32 oz. water bottle or 2 liter soda bottle depending upon how much room you have available in your tank. Cut off the top third part of the bottle and invert...

Live Arrival Guarantee - US

Our livestock is guaranteed to arrive alive. Although very rarely, occasionally a Berghia, coral, fish or other livestock item is damaged or parish during shipping. We require that you contact us the day they arrive to let us know you have a fatality or to discuss concerns you have for the health of the livestock. We require a digital photo of the item in question the day the order arrives. We are liberal with the guarantee and can extend it beyond the day of...

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Salty Underground LLC began in 2002 out of a passion for the saltwater aquarium hobby. We like many people in the hobby, developed a problem with Aiptasia anemones in our first aquarium. At that time Berghia cost as much as $35 each. Theywere alsocommonly sold at 1/8" in size and were offered for sale by just one or two Berghiabreeders in the United States on a limited basis. Clearly there was a need in the saltwater hobby. So we gave Berghia breeding a try, and we were...

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Arrived Warm & Alive

Thank you for communication and patience. Berghia arrived warm and alive. They arrived well wrapped, with no water leaks. Several communications took place. Kevin emailed to make sure they had arrived sefely. I'm looking forward to watching the ai...