Aquarium Maintenance

    Berghia success

    My tank was overrun with Aptaisia. I received my Bergia from you November 27 and today I can not see any Aptaisia in the tank. Unbelievable! Thanks for the excellent way you shipped, the quality of the Berghia and all the information you provided on th...

    Derek Sunderland

    Marine Invertebrates

    Every saltwater aquarium needs a variety of marine invertebrates to complete its natural biodiversity. Marine invertebrates provide an important function in keeping algae in control, eating excess food, turning over the substrate, in addition to other processes vital to keeping a saltwater aquarium healthy.


    Orange Speckled Bubble Tip Anemone 3-4 Inches
    Blue Legged Hermit Crabs - Clibanarus tricolo
    Coming Black Friday 
    $1.19 $0.50
    FedEx Saturday Home Delivery Surcharge
    Only for Saturday Home Deliveries 
    $18.00 $14.22
    Margarita Snail - Margarites pupillus
    saltwater snail that eats hair algae 
    $1.29 $0.50
    Red Banded Trochus Snail - Trochus sp.
    Long Lived 
    Red Leg Hermit Crabs
    Great Cleaner 
    $2.19 $0.50
    Scary Worms - Large
    Worms Ewwww 
    Cyano Eating Atlantic Cerith Snail - Cerithium spp.
    Great Algae Eater 
    $1.19 $0.50
    Astrea Turbo Snail - Astraea tecta
    General Graser 
    $1.19 $0.50
    Algae Eating Emerald Crab - Mithrax sculptus
    Bubble algae eaters! 
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    Aquarium Maintenance

      Arrived Warm & Alive

      Thank you for communication and patience. Berghia arrived warm and alive. They arrived well wrapped, with no water leaks. Several communications took place. Kevin emailed to make sure they had arrived sefely. I'm looking forward to watching the ai...