Awesome Corals

I just want to say, thanks, I love the mystery coral zoas and the green scoly is awesome! I attached a pic of the scoly in my tank.

Ryan S. from Normal OK

Mushroom Corals

Mushrooms corals are a wonderful and colorful addition to coral reef aquariums. Mushrooms corals are usually easy to keep and grow at a faster pace than many other corals. Mushrooms are usually very affordably priced.

2 Bright Blue Mushroom Coral - 2 Inches
Blue and Green Bounce Mushroom Coral
Copper Penny Mushrooms Coral - 2 Polyps
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Large Rhodactis Mushroom Rock Coral - 12 polyps
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Super Glue Gel
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Did their job and then some!

Hi, Wanted to give you an update that I still see the berghias every once in a while in my tank and they are so amazing. They really did their job and then some. I could not believe that in a few weeks ALL of the aiptasia was gone, and I think there...