Clownfish and Berghia

Hi, The clownfish and berghia arrived, have acclimated and are eating. Thanks for everything, Lori


Saltys Frugal Frags

Salty's Frugal frags are great cheap live coral for anyone's budget.  These corals include LPS, SPS and Soft coral which are all $20 or less.

Hairy Mushroom Coral - 1 Polyp
Limited Quantity 
Green Clove Polyps Coral - 12 Polyps+
Fast Growing Coral 
Aquacultured Long Polyp Toadstool Leather Coral
Polyps Move with Water 
Aquacultured Green Leather Coral
Only 5 Corals Left 
Green Pipe Organ Coral - 1.25 Inches
Unique Coral! 
$18.99 $9.49
Aquacultured Green Galaxea Coral - .75 Inches
2 Available 
Metallic Green Star Polyps Coral - 1 Inch
On Live Rock 
Cultured Blue Green Sympodium Coral - 1 Inch
Bright Color Coral 
Pink and Green Daisy Polyps Coral - 1 Inch
Fantastic pink and green polyps 
Australian Millepora Coral - 1.25 Inches
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Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I got my delivery. EVERYTHING was very healthy and beautiful! The bag of nudis had three batches of eggs! I got them all acclimated and transferred. Thank you for your attention to detail.

Connie B. from Alabama