Alaska Shipment Great!

Just wanted to let you know the Berghia survived their short breech with Alaskan Winter and are safe in thier new tank now ( : Thanks so much. Oh, the mushroom did just fine too. ( : Thanks so much! Erin


Saltys Frugal Frags

Salty's Frugal frags are great cheap live coral for anyone's budget.  These corals include LPS, SPS and Soft coral which are all $20 or less.

Aussie Black Sun Coral - 9 Heads
Only 1 Left 
Orange Eye Zoas Coral - 15 Polyps
6 Available 
Cultured Pearl Acro Coral - 1.5 Inches
Frilly Mushroom Coral - 1.5 Inches
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Aquacultured Emerald Green Mushroom Coral - 2 Polyps
Very Bright Color 
Bright Orange Pavona Coral - 1.25 Inches
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Green Goniopora Flower Pot Coral - 2.5 Inches
Long Polyps 
SPS Mystery Coral
Salty's Pick of Acros, Milles, Digis 
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I received my Berghia and I am pleased to say that they came in perfect condition! I did acclimate them per the email. I few days later, I checked the tank with a small flashlight at night and I saw 2 out of 3 eating aptasia. I'm sure the 3rd one was a...

Laura M from Illinois