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Here is some feedback for buying berghia from Salty Underground shared on Reed Central recently. 11/3/05 BarkingCrab "I received my order from Salty earlier today and wanted to comment on the service and quality. The livestock arrived in gr...

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Saltys Frugal Frags

Salty's Frugal frags are great cheap live coral for anyone's budget.  These corals include LPS, SPS and Soft coral which are all $20 or less.

Aquacultured Green Spongodes Coral - 1 Inch
Only Coral 2 Left 
Green Snake Polyps Corals - 2 to 3 polyps
The New Cool Coral! 
Orange Florida Ricordea Coral - 1 Polyp
Act Fast 
Orange Eye Chalice Coral - 1 Inch+
Aquacultured Kenya Tree Leather Coral
Grows Very Fast! 
Purple and Green Blasto Wellsi Coral - 1 Head
Only 5 Left 
Tri-Color Valida Coral
Shipping Box - For Orders Under $20 Only
Styro Box, Temp Control and Packing 
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Berghia to Ontario

Thanks for your help with the berghia order, everything arrived great!

Hubert from Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada