called Salty Underground to service my tank, 210 gallon saltwater, Kevin and Cynthia are two of the nicest people i've met and very knowledgeable, my tank looked great after they left, looking forward to them maintaining my tank, and purchasing corals ...

Michael Cottrell from Edwardsville Il

Saltys Frugal Frags

Salty's Frugal frags are great cheap live coral for anyone's budget.  These corals include LPS, SPS and Soft coral which are all $20 or less.

Australian Green Duncan Coral - 1 Head
Grows Fast for a LPS Coral 
Aquacultured Green Spongodes Coral - 1 Inch
Only Coral 1 Left 
Aquacultured Green Leather Coral
Only 3 Corals Left 
Green Pipe Organ Coral - 1.25 Inches
Unique Coral! 
Metallic Green Star Polyps Coral - 1 Inch
On Frag Plugs 
Cultured Bright Blue Green Sympodium Coral - 1 Inch
Bright Color Coral 
Bright Green Acropora Staghorn Coral - 1.75 Inches
3 Available 
$19.99 $15.99
Aquacultured Purple Acropora Coral - 1 Inch
$19.99 $15.99
Cultured Pearl Acro Coral - 1.5 Inches
$19.99 $15.99
Bright Orange Pavona Coral - 1.25 Inches
Only 4 Left 
SPS Mystery Coral
Salty's Pick of Acros, Milles, Digis 
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Aiptasia All Gone

I just want to let you know that I was very pleased with the results of the nudibranchs that I received. I ordered 10 of them for my 92 gallon corner tank. I would say I had probably 100 – 150 larger aiptesia’a and now they are all gone. It took ma...

Brian G.