Back for a Third Tank

I have ordered from you on two seperate occasions. Both times it went great. I have another tank that is terrible and could use some berghia, finding the others is pretty tough, as I;m sure you know. Let me know if you have more to ship. So thanks a bu...



Amazing corals for the price

all corals arrived on time and look great. they all opened up immediately after placing in tank. the 2 mystery corals I received are really nice too. was not expecting them to be so nice. thank you

Testimonial by: Daniel Disner of Colorado

Date Added: 12-28-2016

Berghia Nudibranch

So far so good! Shipment was better then described. Received 20, most larger then the 1/4' ordered. Shipment came in all alive and moving around the bag. We will keep you updated on the eradication ;] O' ya, almost forgot, customer care so far is top notch :} We will be back.

Testimonial by: William Rogers of Tooele, Utah

Date Added: 12-17-2016


My corals are acclimated and in the tank looking great! Thank you all for such great customer service and affordable stunning coral!

Testimonial by: Carol T. of Kentucky

Date Added: 12-09-2016



Testimonial by: Art H. of Michigan

Date Added: 12-06-2016

Thank You

All 4 of my corals were alive and are doing well. The pulsing xenia is my pick and has been very active. The paly grandis is beautiful and opening up and the toadstools are perfect. Thanks for picking such nice specimens.

Testimonial by: Norma H. of Maryland

Date Added: 12-01-2016


Everything arrived live and well. Thanks again for the great customer service and product.

Testimonial by: Danny Y of Kentucky

Date Added: 11-27-2016

Best in 3 Years

I received my order and wanted to say thank you. i order a lot online and this was the best service and quality that i have received in 3 years of having my tank. Your shipping was fair priced and so efficient. The corals are so healthy and large. I will be ordering from you again, thank you!

Testimonial by: Tiffany C of Indiana

Date Added: 11-26-2016


As usual everything went great. The berghia all arrived alive and are in the tank. I watched them all find a place to go and a couple started feeding right away! Thanks again, You guys are super! I really appreciated you keeping me updated and fed ex did as well. Great job.

Testimonial by: Ann H of Edmonton AB Canada

Date Added: 11-04-2016

Very Happy

I just wanted to say SPS was beautiful, shipped excellent. Very happy. Always looking for more new coral. I enjoy buying from Saltyunderground. Thanks for healthy coral.

Testimonial by: Pasquale of New York

Date Added: 11-02-2016

Great Selection

Thank you for the incredible selection of amazing corals, as always! I don't know how y'all do it, but y'all consistently have the best selection and prices I've found anywhere online! :)

Testimonial by: Dan C. of Virginia

Date Added: 11-02-2016


I could have bought from Foster and Smith (great outfit) but I would have gotten corals in the past that I didn't want for what I'm trying to do--SPS tank with LED blue lights. Secondly, the quality of your corals is superb. Also, I appreciated your help with the aiptasia problem that I had. Berghia worked on the large infestation. Before the Berghia I had to use aiptasia RX over a long period of time since I had one or two aiptasia cropping up. Now, so far, I am free of aiptasia. Finally, glad you turned me on to cerith snails.

Testimonial by: Lydia B. of Colorado

Date Added: 11-02-2016


Berghia are all here and got acclimated and into the tank seemingly without a hitch. Two began to eat an aiptasia immediately and kids thought it was so cool to see them go from white to brown-tinged as they were eating. Remarkable! Funny story - while my husband's hand was in the tank with the pipette waiting for a berghia to crawl out onto the live rock the new bicolor blenny we got in this order came out of hiding to investigate and ended up perching on his hand for awhile, much to the children's delight! So I would say he handle the trip quite nicely, wouldn't you? Lol! Such a funny guy already. Thanks again. Will keep you posted on how they do... the tank is quite infested so there's no shortage of aiptasia for them to munch on. Blessings

Testimonial by: Angela E. of Oklahoma

Date Added: 11-02-2016


I received my berghia and they all look very healthy ! Thank you very much for the detailed instructions and the excellent customer service. I will most likely be ordering from you in the future.

Testimonial by: Jeremy G

Date Added: 11-02-2016

All Perfect

The order arrived perfectly and everything went smoothly. I got the berghia home and acclimated all 6 perfectly alive and well Nudibranchs and they're I'm their new homes hidden likely until the lights go out for the night. I'm looking forward to watching their progress. Thanks so much for the service.

Testimonial by: Arlo U

Date Added: 11-02-2016


Just wanted to say thank you to the staff at saltyunderground for my order! It showed up on time, nicely packaged, in great shape, and the individual pieces were each larger and higher quality than I have received from other sites. The mushrooms are especially nice! Please take the team out for a Friday afternoon beer and charge it against my next order. Cheers! Have a great weekend.

Testimonial by: Ron S. of USA

Date Added: 11-02-2016

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Let the Killing Begin

I received the Berghia and they acclimated great so far. Thanks for the prompt assistance, it made this process much easier for me. Let the aiptasia killing begin! :)

Tony D. from Ohio