Aquarium Maintenance

    Picture of Your Babies

    They finally found bubbletip! Very happy.

    Teresa D. from Kentucky



    All is good, acclimated and into the tank. The red Scoly I bought from you over a year ago is strong, big, and healthy.based on your thoughts I decided to not treat flatworms in the tank and went to a rock dip format several weeks ago. Thank you for the help and as usual your 'Saltyunderground' is awesome.

    Testimonial by: Greg R

    Date Added: 04-03-2017

    Thumbs Up

    Thank you! Everything looks great! I love the blue zoa, they're perfect....and the husband gives a big thumbs up on the toadstool.

    Testimonial by: Michelle G

    Date Added: 04-02-2017


    I received my Berghia and I am pleased to say that they came in perfect condition! I did acclimate them per the email. I few days later, I checked the tank with a small flashlight at night and I saw 2 out of 3 eating aptasia. I'm sure the 3rd one was around somewhere. I thank you for the thorough information and I look forward to ordering from Salty Underground again in the future.

    Testimonial by: Laura M of Illinois

    Date Added: 04-02-2017

    Aiptasia Destroyers

    Everything arrived safely. The Berghia destroyed the aiptasia within days of being in the tank. Thanks You!!!

    Testimonial by: Mical C

    Date Added: 04-02-2017


    I did receive the nudibranchs alive and well. I wanted to leave a quick note to say I was very impressed about the packaging. It was done superb! I have order many things from online marine stores and your packaging has exceed everyone's. I especially like that you guys elongated the interior corners so they wouldn't get trapped!

    Testimonial by: Aubrey of US

    Date Added: 04-01-2017


    Got my frags and they are beautiful. All are expanding, except the gonipora, which I expected and they look awesome in my tank. I'm amazed at how 5 frags filled up space in my 5.5 nano reef. I will definitely be ordering again when I want a few SPS and more acans. Thanks again!

    Testimonial by: Hirchel H. of Illinois

    Date Added: 04-01-2017

    Stunning Coral

    The corals arrived in great shape. That chalice is stunning! Thanks very much, I will continue to watch your website.

    Testimonial by: Jean M. of US

    Date Added: 04-01-2017

    Look Great

    My Berghia arrived, been climatized, and added to my reef tank. They all appear to have survived the transfer from the plastic bag to my tank. They were apparently very happy in the bag as they didn't want to let go if it . They've all attached and moved a bit. So far everything looks great.

    Testimonial by: Tom S of Cali

    Date Added: 03-31-2017


    I just wanted to thank you for sending such healthy fish and corals. The gold torch was far superior to anything I have found in that price range. Everything got shipped out the same day as I ordered. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

    Testimonial by: Tara B. of Princeton IL

    Date Added: 03-31-2017


    All set !!! Checked the frags. They all look great !! Huge pieces ! Thank you very much.

    Testimonial by: Bobby of Connecticut

    Date Added: 03-31-2017

    Amazing corals for the price

    all corals arrived on time and look great. they all opened up immediately after placing in tank. the 2 mystery corals I received are really nice too. was not expecting them to be so nice. thank you

    Testimonial by: Daniel Disner of Colorado

    Date Added: 12-28-2016

    Berghia Nudibranch

    So far so good! Shipment was better then described. Received 20, most larger then the 1/4' ordered. Shipment came in all alive and moving around the bag. We will keep you updated on the eradication ;] O' ya, almost forgot, customer care so far is top notch :} We will be back.

    Testimonial by: William Rogers of Tooele, Utah

    Date Added: 12-17-2016


    My corals are acclimated and in the tank looking great! Thank you all for such great customer service and affordable stunning coral!

    Testimonial by: Carol T. of Kentucky

    Date Added: 12-09-2016



    Testimonial by: Art H. of Michigan

    Date Added: 12-06-2016

    Thank You

    All 4 of my corals were alive and are doing well. The pulsing xenia is my pick and has been very active. The paly grandis is beautiful and opening up and the toadstools are perfect. Thanks for picking such nice specimens.

    Testimonial by: Norma H. of Maryland

    Date Added: 12-01-2016

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    Aquarium Maintenance


      As usual you continue to amaze me with the speed you are able to ship these animals. The quality of what you send is better than anyone on the Net I have ordered from. Thanks for having such a great business.

      David C from USA