A Pleasure

Everything arrived in good condition, and we are starting the acclimation process already. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I will certainly be a return customer. The communications and customer service has been second to none!!

Len from USA


Tons of Eggs in the Bag!

They arrived great. This time there were tons of eggs in the bag(around 6-8 different clusters of eggs), this time I cut the bag in half and am leaving it in my refugium hoping they hatch inside of the bag, I never had any luck before and I figured if they are still in the bag the current will be low and exposure to predators even lower. This time they all started eating instantly, I looked in the tank a couple minutes ago and could see 5 out in the open eating, they have already doubled and tripled in size. They have plenty to eat, but this is the quickest I have ever noticed a difference in the amount of anemones and I only put 5 in that tank. As always, everything arrived perfectly and the nudi's are being taken care of very well. Once again thank you, and you will hear from me again in a few months or so, whenever I set up another tank, which I constantly do. thank you, -B

Testimonial by: B

Date Added: 08-10-2006


Awesome Berghia!

Hi, I am back for more berghia for another tank. My problem is that I have four tanks and my grow-out tank, so I am slowly getting rid of the aip's one tank at a time, and it is working really well. When I first orderred them from you, a year ago, th...