Crawling all over.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I got the critters. Dripping right now. In two hours or so I will dislodge them (they are crawling all over) and introduce them to the tank with the lights and pumps off. Thanks again, Manoj



U-Turn for Food

Hi, Sorry but I've been away and just got a chance to post. The berghia did just fine. I acclimated them in a small tubberware-type bowl and I put an aptasia rock in with them. It's funny because a couple were on top of the rock but the one piece of aptasia was on the bottom of the rock so I cut an aptasia from another rock and sat it on top of the rock. One of the nudi's was facing in the other direction but when I put that piece of aptasia on that rock, he did a u-turn and went straight for it :-) Thanks much! Eve

Testimonial by: Eve

Date Added: 08-16-2006


Aiptasia Destroyers

Everything arrived safely. The Berghia destroyed the aiptasia within days of being in the tank. Thanks You!!!

Mical C