Have you ever opened your coral shipment...only to find out that you have been a victim of Coral Rape? Coral Rape is where you order what you think will be decent sized frags; only to find out that you have been shipped a less than one inch coral??? WE...

David Armstrong from Bonita Springs, FL


Demolition Derby

The berghia arrived and all appear to be alive. I decided not to put them in the main tank yet. I put them in a 5 gallon eclipse. I put a little piece of aptasia in the bag and they didn't appear to be taking the bait at first then all of sudden there was 5 or 6 all over it. I hope they breed and get big then I'll try to put some in the big tank. There is what looks like a circle of eggs floating in the bag. I meant to save it but I forgot. They're in the tank now and they demolished the little Aips on the floor. Barb

Testimonial by: Barb

Date Added: 04-14-2009


Excellent and Personal Service

I must say that I was a little nervous about ordering corals online, however with the nearest store with corals a two hour drive away the shipping was no more than the price of gas so I though I would try it. I must say that this was my best online sho...

Brenton Woodruff from Prescott, AZ