They're here!

My four berghias are settled in and laying egg spirals. I can't wait til they hatch! I ordered three nudibranchs, got one free,now with the eggs, make that 1000 free! The Snails are mowing the algae just fine. I love you guys!

Lisa Bledsoe from Indiana


Professional Customer Service

I received my Berghias today, right on schedule. I found five, healthy-looking nudis crawling around in the bag (after I peeled off the seemingly endless layers of padding and insulation!). They were bigger than I expected. I'm familiar with the drip method of acclimation, and was prepared with my usual arsenal of airline, valves, buckets, and towels. I drip acclimated my new "bugs" for about 2.5 hours. During this time, I attempted feeding the nudis, but they were not interested. The transfer to my reef was good. The first one was a learning experience. The nudi lived, and attached to the rock moments after "touchdown" on the live rock. He did shed a few of his tentacle things, and the nudi even got away from me and landed right on an Aiptasia! I quickly used the pipette to blow him out of the 'nem, and then suck him back up for proper placement on the rock. I was stressed, but the Berghia seemed fine. The learning curve for transferring Berghias with the included pipette was very steep. My second try was flawless, if I do say so myself. I want to thank you for the wonderful customer service. There was nothing more I could have asked for. I often post and partcipate on the Reef Central forum (an awesome resource, if you aren't already famiiliar with it), and your business will be getting my strong recommendation any time I have the opportunity to do so. I'll try to remember to send you a note in a few weeks with a progress report. Thanks again for the professional-quality Berghias and the excellent personal customer service. Sincerely, Mike

Testimonial by: Mike

Date Added: 05-15-2009


Eating Already

I just picked up my 3 large Berghia at FedEx and they are eating already thanks so much. I'll send you some pics soon. Thank you again Lisa, Clyde