Two great orders down.

Just a quick few words to let everyone out there know how great SaltyUnderground has been for me. I just received my 2nd order today and within 10 minutes most of my order was out and open, including an additional FREE frag thrown in. Excluding ...

Miles Schwartz from Illinois


Professional Customer Service

I received my Berghias today, right on schedule. I found five, healthy-looking nudis crawling around in the bag (after I peeled off the seemingly endless layers of padding and insulation!). They were bigger than I expected. I'm familiar with the drip method of acclimation, and was prepared with my usual arsenal of airline, valves, buckets, and towels. I drip acclimated my new "bugs" for about 2.5 hours. During this time, I attempted feeding the nudis, but they were not interested. The transfer to my reef was good. The first one was a learning experience. The nudi lived, and attached to the rock moments after "touchdown" on the live rock. He did shed a few of his tentacle things, and the nudi even got away from me and landed right on an Aiptasia! I quickly used the pipette to blow him out of the 'nem, and then suck him back up for proper placement on the rock. I was stressed, but the Berghia seemed fine. The learning curve for transferring Berghias with the included pipette was very steep. My second try was flawless, if I do say so myself. I want to thank you for the wonderful customer service. There was nothing more I could have asked for. I often post and partcipate on the Reef Central forum (an awesome resource, if you aren't already famiiliar with it), and your business will be getting my strong recommendation any time I have the opportunity to do so. I'll try to remember to send you a note in a few weeks with a progress report. Thanks again for the professional-quality Berghias and the excellent personal customer service. Sincerely, Mike

Testimonial by: Mike

Date Added: 05-15-2009


Looking Good - See the Picture!

Thanks. I took this after a four hour drip acclaimation. Hope the photo is clear. They look happy and ready to eat (they ate two aptasia in the bad during dripping. -kevin