Just Thrilled!

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you. We couldn't be more thrilled with our mushrooms, corals and sweet black clown. Everyone acclimated perfectly, and now both clowns and the fire fish are swimming together. I decided against telling the fire fish he isn'...

Patricia Loynd from St. Louis, Missouri



Everyone told me in order to get rid of aiptasia, I needed to make a paste to kill them. I almost gave up after the aiptasia kept spreading and taking over my tank using the paste. I had Seahorses and they were really getting hurt. I finally googled and found "saltyunderground.com". I called their number and asked tons of questions.. They made me feel great. I bought about 7 berghias and within a month every single aiptasia were gone. After a few months I kept seeing them in my tank!! My baby seahorses are great, and I am one VERY happy customer. Everytime I go into a fish store and see their aiptasia all over in their tanks, I always recommend this site. Great customer service and great product make one great company. =)

Testimonial by: kelly bishop of USA, Michigan

Date Added: 05-21-2011



Everything looked great! Best packing job I have seen yet for live goods. I very much appreciate everything.

Tony H. from Arkansas