Aiptasia Gone

Crazy. I didn't notice change. Then suddenly, a few months later, all the aptasia was just gone. Flat gone.

John B. from Miami, FL



Everyone told me in order to get rid of aiptasia, I needed to make a paste to kill them. I almost gave up after the aiptasia kept spreading and taking over my tank using the paste. I had Seahorses and they were really getting hurt. I finally googled and found "saltyunderground.com". I called their number and asked tons of questions.. They made me feel great. I bought about 7 berghias and within a month every single aiptasia were gone. After a few months I kept seeing them in my tank!! My baby seahorses are great, and I am one VERY happy customer. Everytime I go into a fish store and see their aiptasia all over in their tanks, I always recommend this site. Great customer service and great product make one great company. =)

Testimonial by: kelly bishop of USA, Michigan

Date Added: 05-21-2011



The Berghia arrived on time. I just finished their acclimation. If they could be hugged I would, way too adorable of creatures. They will be in a special exhibit, so I have culturing their favorite food in a tank to have plenty of stock for them. T...

Kerry from the Maritime Aquarium