Very Active

Nudis arrived in excellent condition. They were actively crawling on the rock work and eventually found hiding places. Thanks so much.

Tom S. from Cheyenne, Wyoming



Just ordered some berghia and zoa frags. Local pick-up in St. Louis was more than convenient. Lisa even threw in 2 extra zoa frags. The berghia were vigorous and quickly disappeared shortly after i added them to the tank. I was skeptical as some of my aiptasia had grown to quite large in size. It was somewhat of let down when the next day my largest aiptasia were nowhere to be seen and the total number of aiptasia had continued to diminish over the next several days. I didn't get to relish at the sight of them being consumed. Will definitely buy from Lisa and Kevin again.

Testimonial by: Adam of Columbia, Mo

Date Added: 12-16-2011


Very Pleased With Corals

I received my shipment and was very please with the selection and the packaging. The water was not ice cold and all the coral seemed to be in fine shape. I look forward to them adapating and growing. Thanks Much

Deborah R. from Columbus, Ohio