Aquacultured SPS Corals

Yesterday's corals are excellent, I haven't seen frags that are growing over the plugs in a while, too many cut/sell people out there today looking for the quick buck or the maricultured stuff which is real nice but doesn't seem to adapt well. I will ...

John from New Jersey


Berghia In My Tank

Hi, It's been two weeks, but I thought I'd let you know everything seemed to go well with the 10 berghia we purchased from you. Oddly enough, the first time I got to see two from the previous batch at the same was while the new ones were still in the bag acclimating! For the first week, they all stayed clustered in one area, putting the hurt on a mass of aiptasias... now they seem to have dispersed and we only see one now and then, but I did notice an egg string. Maybe we'll get lucky and get to witness that whole process. Thanks again!

Testimonial by: Greg

Date Added: 10-29-2009



Berghias arrived in great condition. Thanks much for your care in packing them as well as your excellent comunication throughout the process. I'll be back. Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers from Chicago