Eating Away

Thanks, they look real nice. Acclimated well and are eating away. Mike




Just thought I would let you know that everything seems fine. What's really amazing is that, of all the animals, the Elegance has opened up the most, and now looks essentially perfectly at home. And, your description of its color is quite accurate! A very nice specimen, indeed! Thanks for your call yesterday, and your obvious dedication to customer service. I'll recommend you highly wherever possible!

Testimonial by: Jeff S of USA

Date Added: 05-19-2016


Feedback on How My Berghia Have Worked Out

I can't believe it, but I can't see any aiptasia in my tank. 3 months ago they were everywhere, now I can't even find one. These nudi's are heaven sent, thank you very, very much saltyunderground. They were worth every penny, and then some.