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Hi Again, I haven't written in a while. But I wanted you to know that once I put the berghia in my aquarium I never saw them again however the aquarium was totally irradicated of all the aiptasia. I never saw any babies or anything but they did the jo...


Aquacultured Blue Snowflake Polyp Coral Double Frag

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Aquacultured Blue Snowflake Polyp Coral Double Frag


The intense blue color of our aquacultured blue snowflake polyps make them an affordable alternative to sympodium. The coral color is bright blue under all color of lights. You get a 2 inch long frag with many small buds on a live rock. This coral is easy to keep and thrives in most tank conditions and lighting. This blue coral will not disappoint. As a added bonus there is a small hammer coral growing out of the side.
Common names for this Snowflake coral are blue snowflake anthelias, blue clove coral, blue snowflake clove coral and blue xenia. They will grow and reproduce by budding.
Quick Care Info
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Submissive
Lighting: Medium
Waterflow: Medium
Scientific name: Clavularia sp.

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The Berghia arrived in great shape, beautiful little critters!! They are now acclimating to their new home in the copepodgeeks lab (bwaahaaahaa)…. Thanks for the excellent communication and service!

Joe from Colorado