Bigger Berghia

I saw one of the berghia today. It came out, ate an aiptasia and went back into the hole bigger than it was when it came out, am I seeing things?


Aquacultured Bright Blue Tubbs Zoas Coral - 4 Polyps

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Aquacultured Bright Blue Tubbs Zoas Coral - 4 Polyps


Get 4 or more polyps of our aquacultured bright blue tubbs zoas. They are growing on a frag tile. This variety of blue tubbs likes low diffused light. The polyp size is on the small side.

Zoanthid polyps are easy to keep which makes them a good choice for beginner reef aquarists. In good water parameters they will reproduce easily in the reef aquarium by budding which will increase the size of their colony. They contain the symbiotic algae "zooxanthellae" which will provide almost all of their nutritional requirements.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Lighting: Low Diffused

Waterflow:  Low or Moderate


$24.99 Ships within 24 hours.


4 Aips Gone on Night One

Thank you so much. My order arrived right on time and I was very impressed with the care of packaging my little critters. They all arrived live and hungry. I caught them munching about an hour after the lights went out, they took out 4 of the little ...