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The corals arrived in good shape, and the heat packs were still warm! The Duncans opened right up, and the frag of the appleberry monti was a very, very nice piece (larger than i expected). And I'm hoping my platinum clowns take interest to the Duncans...

Sean L. from San Jose, CA

Aquacultured Cornbred The Thing Anacropora Coral - 1 Inch

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Aquacultured Cornbred The Thing Anacropora Coral - 1 Inch


This Cornbred The Thing anacropora is a stunning coral. It is a very thin branching coral with lime coloration with baby blue coralites. This fast growing, fragile coral is quite hardy. This coral is 1 inch on a frag plug. It requires high light and flow.

Anacropora sps corals should only be considered for an established reef aquarium. Aquacultured corals are hardier and easier to keep in the home reef aquaria than their wild caught counter-parts. 



Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Submissive

Lighting: High

Waterflow:  High


Scientific name: Anacropora

$49.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Beautiful Coral!

Everything arrived in great condition, couldn't be happier! Elegance coral is truly a showpiece. Thank you I will be doing business with y'all again!

Tyler G from San Angelo, TX