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Well, you were very concerned that perhaps I wasn't dealing with an Aiptasia in the first place, but your Berghia are devouring the awful critters, so either this particular sea slug is expanding it's palette (highly unlikely)(lol), or we nailed the ri...

Paul R. from Chicago, IL

Aquacultured Dragons Breath Macro Algae - 2 Inches

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Aquacultured Dragons Breath Macro Algae - 2 Inches


Get a 2-3 inch piece of bright red dragons breath macro algae. It is an ornamental gracilaria species. It makes an attractive addition to your display tank or refugium. It needs moderate flow and lighting. Grow this algae in your refugium and clip pieces to feed to your tangs, angels and other herbivores.
Please see this article for more information about algae.

$24.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Surprise Find!!

I accidently found the saltyunderground.com site searching for a new online coral vendor. I have ordered several times and each experience has been great! Helpful people, healthy corals and fair prices! Thank you!!!