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    Aiptasia Forest

    Just letting you know the nudibranchs arrived safe and on time! I gave them a long drip acclimation and then released them into a forest of tiny aiptasia! They wiggled around and then promptly disappeared into the rocks. May they live long and proc...


    Aquacultured Flame Chalice coral - 1 Inch

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    Aquacultured Flame Chalice coral - 1 Inch


    This flame chalice is a popular plating coral. It largley pink, with a streak of orange. Sufficient space is needed as this coral is very fast growing. It is at least 1 inch and growing on a frag plug.

    Quick Care Info

    Care Level: Moderate

    Temperament: Semi-aggressive

    Lighting: Moderate

    Waterflow:  Moderate

    Species: Echinopora lamellosa

    $49.99 Ships within 24 hours.

    Aquarium Maintenance

      New Client First Order

      Great Quality Red Rock Worm and Sympodium Rock! I'm so pleased with my purchase and will order again soon. Thank You. Shawn.

      Shawn Hayhurst from Jacksonville florida