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Everything arrived alive and the corals I bought were beautifull.l I own a tank cleaning business and am always looking for good products for my customers.Cheaper is not always better they may they may be a little more than some other sites but the qua...

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Aquacultured Green Lantern Pox Monti Coral

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Aquacultured Green Lantern Pox Monti Coral


This aquacultured bright green polyp Montipora has a blue-gray base color. This is a fast growing monti. This is a hard-to-find monti morph. It is approx. .75 inches and on a frag plug.

This montipora is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral that will add diversity to your reef aquarium.  Montipora coral is peaceful and can be placed in close proximity to other similar peaceful corals in the reef aquarium.  

Please see this article for more information about Montipora corals.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Passive

Lighting:  Medium

Waterflow:  Moderate to High

Scientific Name:  Montipora sp.

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Testimony After 3 Months

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