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The corals arrived in good shape, and the heat packs were still warm! The Duncans opened right up, and the frag of the appleberry monti was a very, very nice piece (larger than i expected). And I'm hoping my platinum clowns take interest to the Duncans...

Sean L. from San Jose, CA

Aquacultured Long Polyp Skull Throne Leather Coral

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Aquacultured Long Polyp Skull Throne Leather Coral


This aquacultured tan Skull Throne leather coral has very long, large polyps and a green base. The toadstool is approx. 1.25 inches and larger when the polyps are open. It is growing on a frag plug. Adapts to most light and has a fast growth rate for a leather coral.

Some of the common names Sarcophyton coral is Mushroom, Leather, or Trough Corals. Toadstool corals are commonly found on reef flats and in lagoons and are in various shades colors with the most colorful being from Tonga and Fiji.

Culturing of the Leather colony is often accomplished by taking a slice of the coral by dividing it across the lenght and across the top like a pie and attaching that piece to live rock.

The symbiotic algae zooxanthellae hosted within the body of both corals provides a majority of their nutritional needs and do not need ot be fed.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: - Passive

Lighting: Moderate

Waterflow: Moderate

Scientific name: Sarcophyton sp

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