Aquarium Maintenance

    Tank Clean Up

    I have to admit that I was skeptical about our purchase of 15 nudibranches after 2 months went by without any sign of them. But around the 8 week mark we started seeing them and their handiwork. Now two reasonable sized areas of the tank are clear ...

    Allen C.

    Aquacultured Zoa Frag Mix - 4 Polyp

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    Aquacultured Zoa Frag Mix - 4 Polyp


    This frag plug has a mix of zoas on it, all a good size. The piece has 4 polyps. They are fast growing and adjust to most lighting.
    They are easy to keep which makes them a good choice for beginner reef aquarists.In good water parameters they will reproduce easily in the reef aquarium by budding which will increase the size of their colony.
    They contain the symbiotic algae "zooxanthellae" which will provide almost all of their nutritional requirements.
    Quick Care Info
    Care Level: Easy
    Temperament: Semi-aggressive
    Lighting: Medium
    Waterflow: Moderate
    Please see this article for more information about Zoanthid corals.

    $19.99 Ships within 24 hours.

    Aquarium Maintenance

      Fantastic Frugal Frags...

      ..."Salty's Fantastic Frugal Frags" should be the title! The frags arrived in great shape with care taken for shipping. They were acclimated and placed in their new home within two hours after arrival (took some time with the drip acclimation proce...

      Troy Jensen from NM