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    Cleaned up and need some Chaeto

    Hi, I bought some berghia from you several months ago. My rock is all clean now, and I'm setting up a bigger tank. Do you have any chaeto I can buy for the new sump? Thanks,

    Daniel from Illinois

    Aquacultured Neon Dragon Skin Leptoseris Coral - 1 Inch t-1-1

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    Aquacultured Neon Dragon Skin Leptoseris Coral - 1 Inch t-1-1


    This glowing dragon skin Leptoseris coral, or wrinkle coral, has neon green color. This coral is about 1 inch and encrusting on a frag plug. This is an amazing coral under LED lighting.

    Leptoseris coral is a interesting yet little talked about stony coral. It is also know as the wrinkle coral. Although it relies heavily on its zooxanthellae for nutrition, this coral may be fed occasionally with very fine marine-based foods, such as oyster eggs.

    Quick Care Info

    Care Level: Moderate

    Temperament: semi-aggressive

    Lighting:  Medium

    Waterflow:  Moderate to High

    Scientific Name: Leptoseris sp.

    $42.99 Ships within 24 hours.

    Aquarium Maintenance

      Excellent Customer Service

      Excellent customer service. They called me after fed ex couldn't get in my apt building and left. Then they did everything they could to get them to come back. Which they did later that evening, everything was alive. The Berghia went right to work in t...

      Terell McCord from Los Angeles