Aquarium Maintenance

    First Time Buyer

    Im always worried when it comes to ordering coral from somewhere i haven't ordered before but i am very happy with my purchase. everything went very well my coral looked just like the pic i saw and in very good health. I will be ordering from Salty aga...

    Daniel Matlock

    Aquacultured Nuclear Green Paly Coral - 2 to 4 Polyps

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    Aquacultured Nuclear Green Paly Coral - 2 to 4 Polyps

    Our aquacultured nuclear green Palythoa coral is very popular for the size. There are at least 2 to 4 polyps growing on a frag chip. You will have the best color if you place this coral in lower light.

    They are easy to maintain in the reef aquarium which make them great for the begginning reef aquarist. The symbiotic algae zooxanthellae hosted within their bodies provides the majority of their nutritional requirements through photosynthesis.


    Quick Care Info

    Care Level: Easy

    Temperament: Semi-aggressive

    Lighting: Low to Moderate

    Waterflow:  Moderate


    $24.99 Ships within 24 hours.

    Aquarium Maintenance

      New Clowns in New Home

      Thank you again! The black clowns and anemone are all settling into their new home. They made the trip great and are doing well.

      Eric from Western Missouri