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    Progress to date 12-16-07

    I got a good shot of what I believe to be my biggest Berghia from my first order. If so this would make him about 5 1/2 months (6-8 weeks at Salty Undergound and 3 1/2 months in my tanks). I figure that he is at least 1 1/4" long without being str...


    Aquacultured Rare Leopard Mushroom Coral - 1 Polyp #2 small

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    Aquacultured Rare Leopard Mushroom Coral - 1 Polyp #2 small


    You will love this rare leopard Discosoma mushroom corals. There is 1 mushroom corals on a small rock mounted on a frag chip.

    Mushroom corals are an easy to care for coral but only likes low to moderate light. If the lighting is too strong they will fail to thrive and/or shrink.  They prefer lower water movement and cannot handle high water flow. They can be fed small particles of foods like Cyclo-peeze. They do not need to be fed as much as other mushrooms species.

    Please see this article for more information about mushroom corals.

    Quick Care Info

    Care Level: Easy

    Temperament: Semi-aggressive

    Lighting: Low to Moderate

    Waterflow: Low to Moderate

    Scientific name: Discosoma sp.

    $39.99 Ships within 24 hours.

    Aquarium Maintenance

      Thank You

      I received the corals today. Very well packaged, beautiful specimens!

      Dennis E from Houston TX