Eating Right Away

Hi, I received them about 11AM this morning. I took a long lunch to acclimate them. All were alive and looked healthy, 2 starting eating as soon as they were put in the tank, the other 4 disappeared into the rock. Thanks, Sam


SPS Mystery Coral

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SPS Mystery Coral


The Salty Underground SPS mystery coral is an acropora, millepora or digitata of our choosing that will be a small, colorful and healthy coral for your tank. The corals we choose may be aquacultured or wild. No fresh frags. We will not send you half dead or brown coral if you choose our mystery coral. Most frags are typically valued at $24 - $36. Bags will be marked so you know what's inside. Some previous examples are included in the photos.


$14.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Fingers Crossed

The three Berghia arrived healthy and the acclimatization and transfer to the tank successfully completed. We seem to do really well with invertebrates so I think they will be fine. Now, cant wait to see the glass anemone's start to disappear. Thanks!

Dan from Oakland, CA