moving the tank

I decided to take my 210 gallon tank off it's stand and move it into the wall, I hired the Salty Underground crew to make the move for me, They did a great job, arrived early and by mid afternoon they had everything up and going, it appears all the fis...

Michael Cottrell from Edwardsville Illinois

Aquacultured Teal Acropora Coral - 1.5 Inches

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Aquacultured Teal Acropora Coral - 1.5 Inches


This teal acropora coral has pretty color. The coral is 1.5 inches tall and encrusting on a frag plug. It requires high light and flow.

This acropora coral requires high light and flow. Aquacultured corals are hardier and easier to keep in the home reef aquaria than their wild caught counter-parts.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Submissive

Lighting: High

Waterflow:  High

Scientific name: Acropora sp.

$39.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Beautiful Xenia

Every coral I received came in EXCELLENT condition. The 2 xenia that arrived were especially beautiful. Both were pulsing while they were both still in the bag. Thanks for the beautiful coral, the updates, all the helpful info, and the amazing pricing!...

Anthony Echevarria from Roanoke, VA