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Aquacultured Washington Leather Coral

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Aquacultured Washington Leather Coral


Our beautiful sinularia leather coral is very light green with very bushy polyps. The size is about 1.5-2 inches tall with 3 branches. This is a very pretty leather.

The coral has more common names like tree leather or finger leather. It is a very hardy coral and is a great addition to all reef aquariums.

Culturing of the colony is often accomplished by taking a branch of the coral and attaching that piece to live rock which will form a new colony.

The symbiotic algae zooxanthellae hosted within its body provides a majority of its nutritional needs and does not need to be fed.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Lighting: Moderate

Waterflow: Moderate

Scientific name: Sarcophyton

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Berghia arrived alive and well, took my time acclimating, and as soon as released the largest berghia attacked an aiptasia right away...... :)