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I was contacted to verify when I would like my order shipped. All my emails where promptly answered. All shipping info sent right away. The shipment was packaged extremely well!! Some of the best packing I have seen!! I ordered some Berghia and they wh...

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Australian Bright Green Hammer Coral - 2 Heads

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Australian Bright Green Hammer Coral - 2 Heads


This ultra Australian hammer is a large bright green head. The Aussie branching hammer has unique and different skeleton structure from the Indo version. This is 2 full head mounted on a fag tile.

This coral can adjust to most lighting but does best in a moderate diffused light.


Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Aggressive

Lighting: Moderate

Waterflow:  Moderate


The scientific name: Euphyllia sp


$59.99 Ships within 24 hours.


The More the Merrier

Dear Kevin and Lisa, The Berghia arrived safely and appear to be doing fine. This turns out to be a bit of an amusing story, however. We had a well established Berghia population in our tanks when we moved in January 2004. The Aptasia took so long t...