It's All Good

Everything arrived & acclimated well yesterday, and everything seems to be doing well today. I can only see a couple antennae from one of the berghia in a rock crevice today, but they all acted well & crawled inside crevices after acclimation yesterda...


Blue Rim Golden Derasa Clam - 2 Inches

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Blue Rim Golden Derasa Clam - 2 Inches


Our  derasa clams have a golden color with bright blue rim. It is 2 inches or more in length at a bargain price. Clams are best kept in tanks with stable calcium levels and moderate to higher lighting. Derasa clams can appear to be different colors or have different patterns depending upon the angle viewed. A slow drip acclimation of approx. 1.25 hours and limited exposure to the air is recommended.

$39.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Great Experience!

Couldn't be happier! Corals arrived today ahead of schedule and looking great! Shipment was VERY WELL packed and still warm from the heat packs. Thanks to Lisa for suggesting that we move up the shipment to avoid bad weather later in the week. I plan o...

Chris Pickerell from Southold, NY