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    Nudis arrived in excellent condition. They were actively crawling on the rock work and eventually found hiding places. Thanks so much.

    Tom S. from Cheyenne, Wyoming

    St. Thomas Bubble Mushroom Corals 2 Polyps T-2-1

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    St. Thomas Bubble Mushroom Corals 2 Polyps T-2-1


    These St. Thomas mushrooms are unique and interesting mushroom. It is attached to a 1.5 inch frag disk for easy placement in your tank. They expand up to a half dollar size or more. These are unique and facinating mushrooms to have in your reef tank.

    St. Thomas mushroom corals are collected in Florida where it is illegal to harvest live rock from the ocean. So all corals must be chiseled off the rock. As a result these mushrooms come to us with rock fragments under them. It is enough rock surface that we can Super Glue them to frag chips. But they sometimes move off the rock fragments they are attached to over time. So it is best to place these mushrooms on the rock in your tank in a low flow area but where they can get moderate light. The lower flow will help it move onto your rocks without blowing away.

    This Caribbean species is also known as a bubble mushroom or warty mushroom. It tolerates a wide variety of lighting conditions and is a great coral for a wide variety of tanks and exerpeince levels.
    It will reproduce itself if it is happy with your aquarium conditions. It reproduces asexually to form spreading colonies in nature.
    Please see this article for more information about mushroom corals.
    Quick Care Info
    Care Level: Easy
    Temperament: Semi-aggressive
    Lighting: Low
    Waterflow: Low to Moderate
    Scientific name: Discosma sanctithomae = Rhodactis sanctithomae

    $39.99 Ships within 24 hours.

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