I could have bought from Foster and Smith (great outfit) but I would have gotten corals in the past that I didn't want for what I'm trying to do--SPS tank with LED blue lights. Secondly, the quality of your corals is superb. Also, I appreciated your he...

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Bright Green Clove Polyps Coral - 6-8 Polyps

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Bright Green Clove Polyps Coral - 6-8 Polyps

Our cultured pink and green clove polyps, Clavularia sp., are growing on a flat rock. There are 6 or more polyps. This is a fast growing coral that is easy to keep.

Clavularia corals are octocorals that encrust in mats and also send out stolons (runners).  It grows quickly.  Green clove polyps will grow daughter colonies from its stolons.  It's polyps are retracticle, and it has eight feathery tentacles. 

Clove polyps are remarkably tolerant of stings from other corals and are not considered aggressive.  These do not need to be directly fed, as they do not rely on capturing prey.  Instead, they will absorb nutrients like bacterioplankton directly from the water.  They also depend on their zooxanthellae.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Peaceful

Lighting: Moderate

Waterflow: Moderate

Species Name:  Clavularia sp.

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I went online awhile back looking for someone to evaluate my tank and maintain it, Kevin and Cynthia have everything looking great, Thank you, Like most of us I have a lot of money tied up in my 210 gallon reef tank and it is well worth what they charg...

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