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    Great Start

    Hello ! Things are going good ! I only see 1 berghia almost every day. But there are 2 anenomes gone ! They have a way to go but it's a start and exciting ! Bye, John


    Bright Green Galaxea Coral - .75 Inches

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    Bright Green Galaxea Coral - .75 Inches


    Our Galaxea coral has green fuzzy polyps. They are .75 Inches or more when open and growing on frag plug. 

    The Galaxea Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral and often referred to as the Tooth, Star, Crystal, Starburst, Brittle, or Galaxy Coral.  Galaxea spp. are found in the Indo-Pacific oceans, most especially surrounding Indonesia.
    In nature, this coral is in slightly protected waters, such as on an upper back-reef slope or on fringing reefs. This means it will thrive in higher lighting and moderate water flow.
    Quick Care Info

    Care Level: Moderate

    Temperament: Aggressive

    Lighting: Moderate to High

    Waterflow:  Moderate

    Species Name: Galaxea sp.

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    Aquarium Maintenance

      Extremely Happy

      Just wanted to let you know everything arrived in good condition and I am extremely happy. Everything was well packed and the warm packs were still warm, you guys are awesome. Wish I found your site long ago. I look forward to doing more business and t...

      Joe from New York