Berghias arrived in great condition. Thanks much for your care in packing them as well as your excellent comunication throughout the process. I'll be back. Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers from Chicago

Bright Orange Pavona Coral - 1.25 Inches

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Bright Orange Pavona Coral - 1.25 Inches


Our Pavona coral has pretty orange color. The pieces are 1.25 inches. This is a colorful and unique coral.

This Pavona Coral prefer moderate light level and flow.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Passive

Lighting:  Medium

Waterflow:  Moderate

Scientific Name:  Pavona sp.

$19.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Very Exciting!

Hi, I wanted to let you know that the 1/4" bergia arrived safely and made it into their new home. In addition, I already have two egg strands. Very exciting. Thanks! Amy