Six months later the Berghia are still doing great!

I posted a testimonial shortly after my shipment of berghia nudis arrived, but I figured I would do an update. Six months ago we got berghia for our two coral tanks and they mowed down those aiptasia like there was no tomorrow. I was worried that they ...

Cara Marie Breslin

Bright Rainbow Acan Coral - 2 Heads

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Bright Rainbow Acan Coral - 2 Heads

This Australian acan has intense orange, red and green color. It is a true rainbow acan. This piece has 2 heads.

In reef aquariums, Acanthastrea Coral are tolerant of diverse conditions. Their coloration variation can be controlled by lighting and water flow. Acanthastrea Coral will readily accept feedings of minced meaty foods such as shrimp, mysis and squid. Regular feeding of these corals is not required but it will definitely help its growth. Higher levels of magnesium may also help in their growth (1250-1350ppm).

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: semi-aggressive

Lighting:  Low

Waterflow:  Low - Moderate

Scientific name: Acanthastrea lordhowensis

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Thanks for the coral freebies

Got the corals today everything looks good so far, just waiting for the lights to turn and polyps to open up. Thanks for the freebies, very generous of you. Will definitely do business in the future. Keep me in mind if you get anything real colorful or...