Berghia and Ricordia Arrive Great

Hi, everything made it okay and on time. The 5 Berghia are nice. We had an old 20g frag tank that kinda didin't take off as planned. We're gonna put whatever Berghia we find into this tank after they are done with the big tank. We've taken as many ...


Bright Red Blasto Wellsi Coral - 7 Heads

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Bright Red Blasto Wellsi Coral - 7 Heads


This Australian bright red blastos have great color. The cluster has 7 heads. 

The Blastomussa Coral is sometimes confused with other open brain corals and even some moon corals. This Blastomussa wellsi is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral and has many round swollen discs that resemble a Actinodiscus mushroom anemone when expanded. 

The Blastomussa Coral is a very hardy coral when given moderate lighting and low water current and is also known to reproduce by asexual reproduction in the home reef aquarium.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy to Moderate

Temperament: Peaceful

Lighting:  Low

Waterflow:  Low

Scientific name: Blastomussa wellsi

$69.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Nice Packaging

The Berghia arrived today and I am impressed with the packaging (you appear to have great pride in your business and it shows) I followed your instructions and like someone put on your forum they disappeared. I will be checking on them each day as they...