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I ordered the mated pair of orange clowns and a rose bubble tip anemone from you last week. I just wanted to say thank you! They were shipped very well and everything is doing great. The clowns have brought so much life and color to my tank. They a...

Keisha C.

Bright Red Indophyllia Coral - Very Rare

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Bright Red Indophyllia Coral - Very Rare


This bright red indophyllia is a rare cousin to the more common cynarina. Unlike the cynarina coral, the indophyllia lacks exaggerated teeth in the skeleton. It doubles in size compared to the skeleton when it expands. The color is very bright with semi-transparent tissue. It is over 3 inches when expanded.

The Indophillia is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral. This coral will benefit from weekly feedings of meaty foods for best growth.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Passive

Lighting:  Low to Medium

Waterflow:  Low to Moderate

Scientific name: Indophyllia macassarensis

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Received a beautiful black clown yesterday. She arrived in perfect condition and acclimated perfectly. She is absolutely stunning with her pitch black base and white stripes that shimmer with a hint of blue. She is the clown I've been wanting for quite...

paul bryner from Topinabee, Mi.