Corals As Described

Got my order. Love the coral. So nice to get what i ordered and alive. Been dealing with another site and never get what I order. Just wanted to say thanks.

Jimmy Y from Cary NC

Captive Bred Black & White Ocellaris Clownfish

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Captive Bred Black & White Ocellaris Clownfish


Our premium black and white Ocellaris clownfish are a great buy. Each Clownfish is 1 to 1.25 inches long. They have mostly black faces with very little orange left showing. They have perfect bars.

Clownfish happily eat a variety of foods. To start them off it is helpful to feed them smaller foods like Cyclopese which simulates breeder food.

They are packed with oxygen and treated water to ensure a happy shipping experience. They are guaranteed for live arrival.


$39.99 $35.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Very Happy

I just wanted to say SPS was beautiful, shipped excellent. Very happy. Always looking for more new coral. I enjoy buying from Saltyunderground. Thanks for healthy coral.

Pasquale from New York