I have received my Berghia and have them on a drip as we speak. Thanks for the smooth transaction and the instructions. Happy holidays!

Arand from USA

Captive Bred Extreme Snowflake Clownfish Pair

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Captive Bred Extreme Snowflake Clownfish Pair


This Captive Bred Extreme Snowflake clownfish pair are a great buy. The larger fish is 1.5 inches and the other clownfish is about 1.25 inches. They eat a variety of prepared fish foods. These clownfish are very healthy and guaranteed for live arrival.


$109.99 $89.99 Ships within 24 hours.


New Arrivals

The berghia I ordered arrived just fine around noon today. Tiny but cute. During their acclimation I dropped an aiptasia into their water which they consumed very quickly. I am very excited to put them in the tank and watch during the coming weeks to h...

Sheila Falcon from Georgia