Thanks for the coral freebies

Got the corals today everything looks good so far, just waiting for the lights to turn and polyps to open up. Thanks for the freebies, very generous of you. Will definitely do business in the future. Keep me in mind if you get anything real colorful or...


Captive Bred Orange Ocellaris Clownfish

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Captive Bred Orange Ocellaris Clownfish


This captive bred orange ocellaris clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris, is bright orange.  It has perfect bars. The fish is about 1 1/2 inches. It eats both flake and frozen foods. This fish is very healthy and guaranteed for live arrival. It is hosting in bubble tip anemones.


$29.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Big Berghia

The Berghia you sent were larger than I expected and healthy. Thank you for such excellent service!

Stephanie S. from USA