Still have coral from 2 years ago

My Mini-Max is still alive and kicking. I ordered this beauty 2 years ago and it's still going strong. Will be ordering again as the LFS had Aiptasia on some of the other corals I bought. I know that I can count on Salty Underground for my Coral and Nu...

Jeff Sullivan from Maine

Cultured Blue Ice Echinata Coral - 1.75 Inches

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Cultured Blue Ice Echinata Coral - 1.75 Inches


This blue cultured ice echinata is approx. 1.75 inches tall and encrusting on a frag plug. This is a deep water acro and it requires moderate to higher light and flow.

The common name for the Acropora echinata is Bottle brush coral.  The Acropora echinata coral prefers strong flow and bright light. In excellent water conditions, the Acropora echinata coral is one of the faster growing Acropora corals.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Submissive

Lighting: High

Waterflow:  High


Scientific name: Acropora enchinata

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I received my order of frags last week and they arrived in excellent shape and right on time. The frog spawn opened up gi-norous (for a frag)!! I love your great customer service as Lisa pulled over while driving to take my order, doesn't get much bett...

bill coile from Bloomington, Il