Great Experience!

Couldn't be happier! Corals arrived today ahead of schedule and looking great! Shipment was VERY WELL packed and still warm from the heat packs. Thanks to Lisa for suggesting that we move up the shipment to avoid bad weather later in the week. I plan o...

Chris Pickerell from Southold, NY

Aquacultured Blue Steel Mille Coral - .75 Inches

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Aquacultured Blue Steel Mille Coral - .75 Inches


This blue steel millepora has a very thick, fuzzy branch. The coral is .75 inch tall and encrusting on a frag tile. This is a new SPS coral at Salty Underground and it is quickly becoming a favorite. It requires higher light and flow.

This aquacultured frag is heathier than wild-caught colonies and will be easier to care for. Acropora corals also prefer strong, random, mixing type current for maxium health and growth. It is also not advisable to keep Acropora corals in a new reef aquarium.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Peaceful

Lighting: Moderate to High

Waterflow:  High

Species: Acropora millepora

$29.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Aiptasia Done Yesterday

I just want to report that the last of Aiptasia disappeared yesterday. Thank you so much for your help, we were a bit worried at first but one by one the Aips were missing from the tank. The last to go was the first we had spotted months ago (in the ...

Reynold H from Silver Spring, MD