Staying Warm in Cold CT

Nice job packing them. When the FedEx lady handed me the box this morning, I thought, "Gee the box is warm. They must have had it in a heated room." The heat was coming from the heat packs, not the cold FedEx facility. They were all mo...

Jason from Connecticut

Cultured Green Branching Frammer Hybrid Coral - 1 Head

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Cultured Green Branching Frammer Hybrid Coral - 1 Head


This unusual Euphyllia is a hybrid cross between a hammer and a frogspawn. It has green tentacles. Under LED lighting it may have a little yellow in it too. This piece overall is about 2.5 inches when open. It has a branching-type coral structure.

This coral can adjust to most lighting but does best in a moderate diffused light.


Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Aggressive

Lighting: Low to Moderate

Waterflow:  Moderate


The scientific name: Euphyllia sp.

$29.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Very Cool

The Berghia are cool looking creatures. I may order more from you soon, depending on how these 8 do. After really looking at my tank, I wouldn't doubt I have 100 aiptasia in there. I followed the acclimation procedure step by step, so I should start ...