Great Packaging!

Hi, I picked up the Berghia about a half hour ago and I am in the process of acclimation. Your packaging is exceptional and I hope to do more business with you in the future. Thanks again. Ron


Cultured Reef Raft Acropora Coral - 2 Inches

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Cultured Reef Raft Acropora Coral - 2 Inches


This cultured Reef Raft SPS Acropora coral is apporx. 2 inches and mounted on a frag tile. This acropora coral likes moderate to higher light and flow. Get this Reef Raft SPS now at a great price while they last.

Please see this article for more information about Acropora corals.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Submissive

Lighting: Moderate to High

Waterflow:  High

Scientific name: Acropora sp

$44.99 Ships within 24 hours.


All Three Alive and Well

Thanks Salty, I just picked up the package and have started the acclimation process. All three are alive and well. Thank you, Vickie