New Arrivals

The berghia I ordered arrived just fine around noon today. Tiny but cute. During their acclimation I dropped an aiptasia into their water which they consumed very quickly. I am very excited to put them in the tank and watch during the coming weeks to h...

Sheila Falcon from Georgia

Decorator Crab - Camposcia retusa

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Decorator Crab - Camposcia retusa


This decorator crab is a unique and facinating addition to a reef tank. It decorates its brown body with sponges, shells, rocks, and other items as a method of camouflage.

This crab is a nocturnal eater. It collects algae, soft corals, and invertebrates to adorn its shell. This activity may cause harm to some soft corals like xenia, but in the large reef aquarium, this activity actually helps spread these corals in the aquarium.

Decorator Crabs eat meaty foods such as the ingredients of most frozen fish foods.


$12.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Blown Away

This coral far exceeded my expectations. The others also look great but I can't stop staring at this one. Thank you!

John M from Texas