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    Better Than the Pictures!

    Received the corals earlier today. They are doing great! All are as good or better than the photos would indicate. Especially happy with the elegance coral. It's nice and small; the perfect size for my 30 gallon nano. Thanks again

    David C. from New York

    Green Candycane Coral- 2 heads

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    Green Candycane Coral- 2 heads


    Our green candycane are one of the easier LPS corals. This is a great beginner coral.

    This Candycane coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral that has other common names such as Trumpet, Torch, or Bullseye Coral. The skeleton of this species is branched out of a central base and terminates into a large head that resembles a trumpet.

    It is hardy peaceful reef inhabitant that has very short sweeper tentacles when extended. It requires moderate lighting with moderate water movement. Caulastrea sp. should not be put close to strong metal halide lighting.

    Please see this article for more information about Caulastrea candycane corals.


    Quick Care Info

    Care Level: Easy

    Temperament: Peaceful

    Lighting: Low to Moderate

    Waterflow:  Moderate

    Scientific name: Caulastrea curvata

    $19.99 $15.79 Ships within 24 hours.

    Aquarium Maintenance


      I could have bought from Foster and Smith (great outfit) but I would have gotten corals in the past that I didn't want for what I'm trying to do--SPS tank with LED blue lights. Secondly, the quality of your corals is superb. Also, I appreciated your he...

      Lydia B. from Colorado