My corals are acclimated and in the tank looking great! Thank you all for such great customer service and affordable stunning coral!

Carol T. from Kentucky

Green Center Tube Anemone - Small

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Green Center Tube Anemone - Small


Our facinating tube anemone has a green center. It should be placed in the bottom of your tank with sand. It needs about 3 inches of space to expand. Tube anemones should be fed krill or other large meaty foods at least once a week. This creature will make a facinating converation piece for any saltwater aquarium. This anemone does not host clownfish.


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The Berghia are GREAT. I would be happy to recommend you guys to anyone. The packing was great, the Berghia were huge and very healthy. I fed them during their 2-hour drip acclimatizing - they got some color on their cerrata, then I put them on a li...